On My Own

10547646_358528830962739_1772579368231036398_nAfter some time

I realize that I do not need

Anybody, for me to be strong

Well, it might be sad

But its the reality that 

I myself have to accept

It’s not that I really 

Do not need anyone

But I don’t have to rely

On them for me to stand

On My Own

All this time 

I have depended on them

As my true self and worth

faded within me

Its like being lost

In a place

Where you know 

You shouldn’t be lost

I don’t know

How to find my way out

Its like thinking where to go

Believing you’ll go nowhere

But what can I do now

Now, that I’m lost

Because all this time

I should’ve always

Always believed in myself

That I am enough

I myself is strong

That I am not dependent

That I am me for who I am

And for who I am not

Yes, I should’ve 

But still,

A part of me still believes

That I can stand on my own

And find my way out



Picture- Mine


It hurts but it stops

Sometimes someone hurts you so bad

It stops hurting at all

Until something makes you feel again

-ReMoved Short Filmimg_0246.jpg


The pain that hurt brings
A never ending pain as you live by
A character of bold coated with mystery to test yo
u out.
But sometimes its not just that
Sometimes it really gets so bad
So bad that you can’t help but cry
After sometime in the sun we get to taste the bitter darkness of the storm
We can’t resist but to wait
Until the sun comes up again

We keep asking “When will it be?”
Its not always predictable, its unpredictable
But once we start to see the light

We slowly start to believe
To believe in the happiness that hope brings.


The short film “ReMoved” totally made an impact to me and these are the words from my thoughts.


Leave, Live

Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone’s presence to the point where you consider that person as your other half? or soul mate? Like, imagine…. In this world full of people you only actually meet a rare amount of people who shares a lot of interests, likes,thoughts with you and is willingly happy to help you. Of course you’d feel lucky enough to be able to have someone whom you’ll know can lend you a shoulder, comfort you when needed and even go through deep talks with you and will listen to you wholeheartedly. 

But, what if these people whom we taught would stick with us through thick and thin, will someday leave us with no traces, but only what seem to be forgotten memories remains? What if the people we though who’ll accompany us and understand us with the problems we’re going through will be gone,forever?  What if they’ll LEAVE us hanging on to their promised words? Are we going to continue gripping the rope, hoping that they’ll comeback? Are we gonna reach out to them and tell them “What’s wrong? I thought we were happy with each other?” or even insist them to comeback and stand with their promised words? Are we going to keep the pain that weakens us day by day? Are we going to remain hopeless as if no more life sustains us? Are we going to continue asking ourselves what did we do wrong? or is there something we could’ve done? or are we going to simply ask “Why would they leave? Why, Why?. 

Or are we going  LEAVE everything in the past and LIVE better, better than we ever could? 

It’s always up to us to believe that we could still meet better ones that’ll keep us as treasures and will never give up on us and that there’s still always a life and a sunshine after a sentimental hardship,tragedy or experience.

-Still hoping that I could encounter someone , a friend, that could somehow fathom the depth of my thoughts, stick with me through rocky roads and happy sunshines and will never keep me hanging unto their promised words.

(Photo captured by: Sen Joey(My dearest aunt) *Thanks ta!)

12 am thoughts

Time check: 12:24

Yes Its currently 12:24 in the morning and yet I’m still here and my head is probably about to explode with a bunch of ideas and thoughts running through. Why do often ideas come out during late nights when It’s least expected? Is it just me? Well, I really am a night owl! Do you ever have that feeling where a sudden urge abrupts you to do something? I do feel that right now. I think my tiny fingers are tingling and asks me to write down different ideas and thoughts. Maybe it’s an another procastination for me to sleep early. I always promise to myself to sleep early though but here comes these 12 am thoughts, like a cloud blocking my mind, always. Well I guess, tonight is a pass, perhaps there’s still tomorrow, might be the perfect chance to sleep early.

Thats why my nights are usually productive than during the days.

“If you can dream it you can make it”©

(picture from LINE)

Gunma Flower Park


Me and my Cousin in Gunma Flower Park

This was about two years ago when we went to a flower park in Gunma. It was a joyful spring. flowers bloomed beautifully, the leaves were greener and lively. We passed by this small hidden garden, with some bench and tea tables.  There were bees roaming around and vintage fences as well. It was a beautiful scenario, just a perfect spot to relax and ponder.

Days in the Sun

So recently I have been loving this song and so, I decided to share it. The title is Days in the Sun from Beauty and the Beast.

Days in the sun
When my life has barely begun
Not until my whole life is done
Will I ever leave you

Will I tremble again
To my dear one’s gorgeous refrain
Will you now forever remain
Out of reach of my arms

All those days in the sun
What I’d give to relive just one
Undo what’s done
And bring back the light

Oh, I could sing of the pain these dark days bring
The spell we’re under
Still it’s the wonder of us I sing of tonight

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I’m wiser but unsure

I can’t go back into my childhood
That my father made secure

I can feel a change in me
I’m stronger now but still not free

Days in the sun
Will return, we must believe
As lovers do
That days in the sun will come shining through


This reminds me of how hope can still be there in times of darkness. Although we cannot go back to the old days and old memories, we could always keep them and make new ones.


For those who have not  watched Beauty and the Beast yet, I really recommend watching it!

Just Getting Started..

All about me

I am Angela Castillo, I live in the Philippines now and I am 13 years old. I love Scrap booking as well as taking pictures because it widens my inner creativity and it allows me to explore different angles of ideas.I also love to chase my passion( If I have one) which is now , I find hard to know what talent or skills do  I really  have.

First, I was born in the Philippines and then days later,my mom and dad flew back to Japan for their work. Because of that, I was left and was taken care by my grandparents here in the Philippines. Growing up as a child without having a close relationship with both of my parent’s, you could really tell I’m a total spoiled brat. Back in 2007, another member of the family has been added, my brother Sam. I even  remember the times that I get jealous when all the attention goes to him.

In 2012, my mom decided to bring me with her to Japan. At first, It was a total depression to me because you know, the surroundings are different. The culture is different. I had zero friends that I know. That was what I though at first.  But then, later on, I got adapted to the surroundings, I even had friends whom are really considerate persons even though our languages differ. I loved Japan although I don’t understand their language. I stayed in Japan for about 3 years and with that, I already learned different things and I really had a lot of unforgettable experience and memories like sea excursion with the class,sleep overs with the class,  Disneyland and and many more.

Later on, I realized that I haven’t practiced my English skills because in my school they only have basic English. Thinking about my English skills, I got worried that years from now, I might not be able to speak, understand and use English well so, I decided to go back to the Philippines . Now, after being here in the Philippines for about 10 months, I could really say that my English skills are better that the last few years.


For now, I’m focusing on myself like on how to discover my true talent and skills and to explore many things about the world and about myself. Sometimes, I think” Why did other people have such a talent but how come I’m so ordinary?”I know It’s gonna be a long journey but with God, I know I can surpass anything. I may not have all but with the things that I have now , I know that I can be able to reach my dreams someday.


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist