About my Blog

This blog is to express how I live my life and to show that with only the things we have now, we could still reach our dreams someday. You could tell that I’m not that very good in English but I will try my best to express my inner thoughts, ideas, and stuffs like that. Oh! by the way I’m not a craft guru or something but, I really do love crafts.

Things I love!

  • Writing Poems and Quotes ( though my English is like a smashed potato)
  • Taking pictures
  • Reading books (especially Harry Potter books, I’m addicted to it! Well, not that much really)
  • Walking and Picnic at parks
  • Alone time (meditating, wondering, self talk, relaxing, appreciating things..etc)
  • Playing (although I’m turning 14 soon, I still love playing! Well that’s just me)
  • Learning(I really love to learn different things like history,geography etc)
  • Exploring ( I really love to explore the world and that’s my goal, to explore the world someday)
  • Expressing ( Expressing come in different ways and  I express myself through drawings(although my drawings look like a smashed potato too),photography, outfits, dancing, singing, music, and many more!!)
  • Music ( I love violin, recorder and guitar but I can only play recorder a little bit. Too sad cause I forgot how to play the violin)
  • Running
  • Vintage (oh Vintage!!)
  • Hello Kitty (cute!)
  • Oh myy I really have a bunch of things that I love!! Too much to mention.



If you’re new to my blog, read my “Just getting started”

If you want to email me, my email is : angiexoxo12345@gmail.com