Leave, Live

Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone’s presence to the point where you consider that person as your other half? or soul mate? Like, imagine…. In this world full of people you only actually meet a rare amount of people who shares a lot of interests, likes,thoughts with you and is willingly happy to help you. Of course you’d feel lucky enough to be able to have someone whom you’ll know can lend you a shoulder, comfort you when needed and even go through deep talks with you and will listen to you wholeheartedly. 

But, what if these people whom we taught would stick with us through thick and thin, will someday leave us with no traces, but only what seem to be forgotten memories remains? What if the people we though who’ll accompany us and understand us with the problems we’re going through will be gone,forever?  What if they’ll LEAVE us hanging on to their promised words? Are we going to continue gripping the rope, hoping that they’ll comeback? Are we gonna reach out to them and tell them “What’s wrong? I thought we were happy with each other?” or even insist them to comeback and stand with their promised words? Are we going to keep the pain that weakens us day by day? Are we going to remain hopeless as if no more life sustains us? Are we going to continue asking ourselves what did we do wrong? or is there something we could’ve done? or are we going to simply ask “Why would they leave? Why, Why?. 

Or are we going  LEAVE everything in the past and LIVE better, better than we ever could? 

It’s always up to us to believe that we could still meet better ones that’ll keep us as treasures and will never give up on us and that there’s still always a life and a sunshine after a sentimental hardship,tragedy or experience.

-Still hoping that I could encounter someone , a friend, that could somehow fathom the depth of my thoughts, stick with me through rocky roads and happy sunshines and will never keep me hanging unto their promised words.

(Photo captured by: Sen Joey(My dearest aunt) *Thanks ta!)

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