12 am thoughts

Time check: 12:24

Yes Its currently 12:24 in the morning and yet I’m still here and my head is probably about to explode with a bunch of ideas and thoughts running through. Why do often ideas come out during late nights when It’s least expected? Is it just me? Well, I really am a night owl! Do you ever have that feeling where a sudden urge abrupts you to do something? I do feel that right now. I think my tiny fingers are tingling and asks me to write down different ideas and thoughts. Maybe it’s an another procastination for me to sleep early. I always promise to myself to sleep early though but here comes these 12 am thoughts, like a cloud blocking my mind, always. Well I guess, tonight is a pass, perhaps there’s still tomorrow, might be the perfect chance to sleep early.

Thats why my nights are usually productive than during the days.

“If you can dream it you can make it”©

(picture from LINE)

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