Just Getting Started..

All about me

I am Angela Castillo, I live in the Philippines now and I am 13 years old. I love Scrap booking as well as taking pictures because it widens my inner creativity and it allows me to explore different angles of ideas.I also love to chase my passion( If I have one) which is now , I find hard to know what talent or skills do  I really  have.

First, I was born in the Philippines and then days later,my mom and dad flew back to Japan for their work. Because of that, I was left and was taken care by my grandparents here in the Philippines. Growing up as a child without having a close relationship with both of my parent’s, you could really tell I’m a total spoiled brat. Back in 2007, another member of the family has been added, my brother Sam. I even  remember the times that I get jealous when all the attention goes to him.

In 2012, my mom decided to bring me with her to Japan. At first, It was a total depression to me because you know, the surroundings are different. The culture is different. I had zero friends that I know. That was what I though at first.  But then, later on, I got adapted to the surroundings, I even had friends whom are really considerate persons even though our languages differ. I loved Japan although I don’t understand their language. I stayed in Japan for about 3 years and with that, I already learned different things and I really had a lot of unforgettable experience and memories like sea excursion with the class,sleep overs with the class,  Disneyland and and many more.

Later on, I realized that I haven’t practiced my English skills because in my school they only have basic English. Thinking about my English skills, I got worried that years from now, I might not be able to speak, understand and use English well so, I decided to go back to the Philippines . Now, after being here in the Philippines for about 10 months, I could really say that my English skills are better that the last few years.


For now, I’m focusing on myself like on how to discover my true talent and skills and to explore many things about the world and about myself. Sometimes, I think” Why did other people have such a talent but how come I’m so ordinary?”I know It’s gonna be a long journey but with God, I know I can surpass anything. I may not have all but with the things that I have now , I know that I can be able to reach my dreams someday.


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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